A timeless standard of style,
comfort and craftmanship

Thinking about building? Click here for helpful pre-construction planning questions.

Step 1: Meet with Jared Glazier, owner
Step 2: Select Home Site
  – We can access any lots on the MLS and can help you find a lot, or build on your own.
  —- We want to meet with you on any lot you are considering to review house location, utilities, and any red flags you might want to be aware of.
  —- We can assist in purchasing your lot, if you do not have a realtor.

Step 3: Choose a home design
  – Pick one of our plans or create your own
  – We help you design, select, and finalize your floorplan

Step 4: Select interior and exterior building products
Step 5: Create budget and complete contract with Glazier Homes
  – We outline all house specifications based on your needs and wants
  —- We work with you to develop your budget

Step 6: Finalize construction and lot financing
  – We assist with obtaining finances and construction loan
Step 7: Construction of home
  –Seamless communication ensures a World Class Home
Step 8: Move in to your dream home
Step 9: Warranty period begins