June 29

Step 1: Meet with Jared Glazier: Owner

June 29

Step 3: Choose a Home Design

  • Pick one of our plans or create your own
  • We help you design, select, and finalize your floor plan
June 29

Step 2: Select Home Site

  • We can access any lots on the MLS and can help you find a lot, or build on your own.
  • We want to meet with you on any lot you are considering to review house location, utilities, and any red flags you might want to be aware of.
  • We can assist in purchasing your lot, if you do not have a realtor.
June 29

Step 4: Select Interior and Exterior Building Products

June 29

Step 6: Finalize Construction and Lot Financing

  • We assist with obtaining finances and construction loan
June 29

Step 5: Create Budget and Complete Contract with Glazier Homes

  • We outline all house specifications based on your needs and wants
  • We work with you to develop your budget
June 29

Step 8: Move into Your Dream Home

June 29

Step 7: Construction of Home

  • Seamless communication ensures a World Class Home
June 29

Step 9: Warranty Period Begins


Green Building

Every builder has their own definition of green building. Glazier Homes likes to customize your green building package to your needs and wants. We like to give you the best green (value) for your dollar.

Here are some options:

  • Radiant Barrier Roof decking and perforated soffit. The radiate barrier decking reflects heat from the sun and the perforated soffit aids re- circulating hot air out of the attic.
  • Low V.O.C. paint as standard and NO V.O.C. paints are available.
  • Tankless Water Heaters and Grey Water plumbing systems are energy efficient and help conserve precious water resources.
  • The use of locally quarried limestone greatly reduces the construction carbon footprint compared to manufactured brick.
  • By properly insulatingthe home and expertly balancing the HVAC system, Glazier Custom Homes provides an energy efficient and comfortable living environment, for each homeowner.
  • Vinyl framed, low energy efficient windows.
  • Optional foam insulation packages.
  • Optional zero scape landscape packages.
  • Low Flush water conservingtoilets available.

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